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The mission of Habitation Solo inc. is to build or modernise buildings to suit the needs and lifestyles of their clients, all whilst respecting their budget and deadlines.

Customer comments

I met Alex for his expertise in residential construction and technical advice. Alex worked for me and I appreciated they way he took his time to do a great job in the finishing of my home.
- Marie-Catherine
When I was building my house, I was looking for a great and affordable idea for my stairs. I met Alex and had a great discussion with him. He proposed to use glued laminated beams and I love them! He worked very well and professional. I'm very satisfied with his work and would recommend his services without worry.
- Carl Tremblay
I've entrusted the protective coating work to Alexandre and would recommend his services. The work was done in time and the result of his work upheld my expectations. Don't need to search far away!
- Nicolas Dignard

Habitation Solo Inc. Was founded in 2015, although, its owner has many years of experience. Alex Charron received his diploma in carpentry in 1993 shortly after leaving school. He tried a few different fields before returning to construction for good in 2001.

He’s been in carpentry for 15 years, which has contributed to great experience and knowledge which may now benefit his clients. Alex Charron has also taken many classes to perfect skills related to his work, which led to his decision to become a General Contractor. After making this decision he took a class for Managing a construction company so as to not leave anything to chance.

He received his diploma in May 2016 as well as his licence with the “Régie du bâtiment du Québec”, which allows him to operate as a General contractor. In this company, Alex Charron is in charge of administration, but also works in the field, which is what he prefers to do.

Emmanuelle April/Alex Charron
Emmanuelle April/Alex Charron